About The Vehicles

NO LIMITS 4×4 HIRE – a fleet of ex-army Land Rover Perenties – with Isuzu diesel motors, full coil suspension, mechanical winch and retrieval gear, these monsters were designed over 30 years ago, by the Australian Armed Forces for the toughest of conditions and the most punishing terrain – and are still going strong!


The No Limits Land Rover 3-seater Perentie is best described as a 2-person vehicle, with extra capacity for a third passenger.

Our 5-seater Perentie has 2 rearward facing back seats and 3 front seats (the same as our 3-seater version).

As there are no child seat restraints our vehicles can only carry children 4 years and older that are seated in an approved booster seat or child seat in booster mode.

If you need all the modern luxuries...

if you need air-conditioning, power-steering and surround-sound stereo,
if you need carpeted floors and park-assist, you’ve come to the wrong company.

These are basic 4x4s - very comfortable but not made for comfort – they are made to get you there (wherever “there” is!) and get you back again.

BASIC is the word- which is great because it’s the flash extras that cause modern 4wd vehicles to fail. When a modern car-computer gets wet or dusty you will have no steering, no gears, no windows, no lights, no ignition.

But with NO LIMITS 4×4 HIRE – no worries!!

You are ready for the Telegraph Track – ALL of it!!
You are ready for the Simpson Desert – from start to finish.
You are ready for any legal bit of Aussie road or track you can find.