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NO LIMITS 4x4 HIRE – a fleet of ex-army Land Rover Perenties – with Isuzu diesel motors, full coil suspension, mechanical winch and retrieval gear, these monsters were designed over 30 years ago, by the Australian Armed Forces for the toughest of conditions and the most punishing terrain – and are still going strong!


The No Limits Land Rover 3-seater Perentie is best described as a 2-person vehicle, with extra capacity for a third passenger.

Our 5-seater Perentie has 2 rearward facing back seats and 3 front seats (the same as our 3-seater version).

If you need all the modern luxuries,

if you need air-conditioning, power-steering and surround-sound stereo,
if you need carpeted floors and park-assist, you’ve come to the wrong company.

 These are basic 4x4s - very comfortable but not made for comfort – they are made to get you there (wherever “there” is!) and get you back again.

telegraph-track-smlBASIC is the word- which is great because it’s the flash extras that cause modern 4wd vehicles to fail. When a modern car-computer gets wet or dusty you will have no steering, no gears, no windows, no lights, no ignition.

But with NO LIMITS 4x4 HIRE – no worries!!

You are ready for the Telegraph Track – ALL of it!!
You are ready for the Simpson Desert – from start to finish.
You are ready for any legal bit of Aussie road or track you can find.

You’re not just hiring a 4wd, you’re hiring an adventure!


8 hours ago

No Limits 4x4 HIRE

Here's a poem written by one of our customers during our Cape York tour in August this year.
There are a few little inside jokes, but all-in-all a nice little poem. Thanks Val.

“No Limits” ---- from Val Whyte
We started out “No Limits”
And ended No Limits – boots and all.
The two weeks were filled with Brendan’s jokes
With no repeats - That he can recall!!

After Woody got lost we finally left town
On the way to the Lion’s Den pub for the night.
We crossed the Daintree that afternoon
And had our 4-wheel drive adventure in sight.

Each day we set off with new tracks
And river crossings to contend
We all managed the journey, some better than others,
All the way to the top end.

We had a few mishaps with the crossings
Had to snatch Woody and Coral at one
Shelley had to be winched but only because of Pipi the trailer
Not the driver said Brendan!

Each day the cars had to be repaired
In one way or another
But Brendan said if I mentioned this
I would be in bother!

Toby cooked us wonderful meals
Including chicken, tacos & roast & chilli, more chicken & fish & chips.
He made breakfasts, provided lunches, cooked damper, fed us cake
And pancakes to make us lick our lips.

We saw crocodiles, brolgas, magpie geese & owls,
Horses and herons and kites.
There were kangaroos, cows, snakes and goannas
But the fish just did not bite.

We crossed the Daintree, the Normanby, the Wenlock
The Gunshot and the Coen,
Nolan’s Brook, the Cannibal, the Pascoe,
The Jardine and very likely the Rubicon.

We stayed at Kalpowar & Loyalty Beach
And several places with no toilets and showers.
But we were all so fastidious with our hygiene
That we all smelt like beautiful flowers.

Our fleet was Shelley & Pipi, Coral and Dusty,
Sandy, Cliff, Woody and Rocky
Robyn took the driving honours even though
The radials made Steve pretty cocky.

Steve hit a couple of trees
And Gary hit a dangling vine.
Merv has no wear on his tyres
As he only uses one at a time.

Howard insisted on a shower each night
Shirley lost her purse when they stopped for a snack.
Toby’s potato bake tasted of smoke
And Arty had to keep rubbing Robyn’s back.

Pam went to bed early each night,
Val needed a step ladder to get into the car
Steve complained about chicken and tyres and showers and fish
And said everything was below par.

The dust made Arty and Merv into ‘ranga’s for a week
At every stop Leanne ran for a piddle
Steve ended with his knickers in a knot while
Shirl spent two weeks on the dicky seat in the middle

Deb often did the washing up
Or helped prepare the dinner
And playing cards was a lot of fun
When everyone but Brendan was a winner.

So here we are on our last night in the bush
Eating like kings and enjoying a chat.
All that is left for me to say is
Thank God those boots weren’t an Akubra hat!
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3 days ago

No Limits 4x4 HIRE

Who has done this little scramble/trek?
#capeyork #nolimits4x4hire #nolimitstour
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