About Us

Brendon and Robyn (Owners/Managers) – we have seen our fair share of outback roads and have travelled off-road in every state of Australia. One adventure was to Cape York, for the fifth time, but for this trip  we took two ex-army Land Rover Perenties.

Travelling in a convoy of vehicles, Brendon and Robyn went up and back entirely on the Telegraph Track. Nolan Brook, on the Track, presented the wettest and trickiest challenge, as it has for the past few years. Of the 6 vehicles in the group, three had to be retrieved from the waters of Nolan Brook – a 2009 Toyota Hilux, a Mitsubishi Pajero and a 2000 Jeep Wrangler.

The hero of the day was our Land Rover Perentie, which was at the ready to save the drowning vessels (sorry – vehicles!). The Pajero suffered more than $2000 worth of electrical damage but was drive-able; the Jeep sputtered for a few days but recovered; the Toyota was written off and sent back to Cairns by barge.

Here are some of the lessons that we learnt on the trip:

  • The Perentie will do what most other vehicles can’t do and go where most other vehicles can’t go.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a Perentie travelling along with your convoy – as a rescue vehicle for the modern, fancier and less hardy 4x4s !
  • It is way too much fun getting about in a Perentie to keep it all to ourselves – which is why we have bought a few more to hire out!

Toby (Operations Manager/Tour Leader) 

Toby has seen every corner of Australia, and everywhere in between, for both leisure and employment. In 2005 Toby and his wife Jess traveled the country for almost 2 years. Living out of the back of their 4×4, they tackled the Simpson Desert, Cape York, the Gibb River Road and many other iconic 4×4 tracks and destinations.

Through his decade long work as a Parks and Wildlife Ranger, Toby and his family, (Jess, Henry and Maigen), have lived in various locations across the country, including South East South Australia, the Victoria River District in the Northern Territory and the Fraser Coast Region of Queensland.

Toby has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage) and has a passion for wildlife and environmental conservation. This passion is obvious on tours while leading wildlife spotlighting sessions, fishing or when sharing his wealth of knowledge of bush tucker, native flora and fauna and cultural history.

Daryl (Tour Guide) Aka ‘The Budget Bushman

Daryl is the quintessential Aussie Larrikin. His love of storytelling and joking around the campfire will keep you entertained every evening. Daryl’s passion for camping, fishing and 4x4ing has developed over many years exploring the Vic High Country and fishing on the Murray River with his wife Brooke and 3 children (Steel, Koby and Sky). Daryl loves exploring new areas, meeting new people, and sharing his knowledge with others.

Daryl joined the No Limits 4×4 Hire team/family in Jan 2019, after a chance meeting with Toby and Brendon at the Lion’s Den Hotel and, then later that week, at the Loyalty Beach Campground in 2018.

Daryl’s favourite part of the job is the friendships he makes and seeing the look on peoples faces when they first see Palm Ck, the first 4×4 obstacle of the Old Telegraph Track, Cape York.