Specialist 4X4 Hire Australia

Camping Accessories For Hire

Please see our camping accessories for hire below. If there is anything we may be able to help with please ask and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

  • 4-person tent:                                            $8.80/day
  • Pop-up privacy tent:                                 $3.30/day
  • Campfire cooking set:                              $5.35/day
  • Tableware:                                                  $3.30/day
  • Camp matting:                                            $1.65/day
  • 200 lumen lantern:                                   $5.50/day
  • 110 lumen lantern:                                    $1.65/day
  • Large esky:                                                 $5.50/day
  • Small esky:                                                 $2.20/day
  • 12v fridge/freezer (40/60/80L):           $15.40/day
  • Camp stretcher:                                        $3.30/day
  • Fishing rod:                                              $8.00/day
  • GoPro action camera:                             $10.50/day
  • Handheld UHF:                                       $8.50/day
  • Camp shower:                                           $5.50/day
  • Portable toilet:                                          $5.50/day
  • GPS:                                                            $12.00/day
  • Spot-Tracker emergency device:           $12.50/day
  • Satellite Phone (Thuraya Satsleeve):   $12.50/day (+ call/data/msg costs) calls in - free.

Equipment hire rates are negotiable for long term hire periods. Please call - 0413 465 938 to inquire.

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